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We evaluate unpublished works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction . As a general line to the authors (who correctly send the text) we send a response. If the work proves of particular interest to our reading committee, the author propose a publishing contract.

And 'advisable (especially for inexperienced authors) read our handbook regarding how to submit a manuscript: pdf

Who we publish?

Every creative activity generates a fusion between the creator and the object. An author pours into suolibro expending their energies, of its essence. For this we have maximum respect for the literary works that arrive in the newsroom. In addition, we are also of the view that no critic, literary agent and publisher also enjoys a particular authority who can make pontificate about the goodness or otherwise of a text.

Each book has value because it reflects the mood of the person who made the growth in that particular period reached. Despise a book it would be like to despise the person behind it. Then, on reflection, how many masterpieces of the past, for a long time, were considered mediocre because they included?

Of course there are parameters that can help you recognize the talent that lies in a literary work. I first of all have the passion , the sincerity and of course the hard work that is perceived even after reading the first few pages. Three characteristics that we consider essential in replica orologi order of publication. These features must be added the most important: the awareness . It 'a very difficult time for the few Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watches publishers who do not ask for emerging authors purchase copies or editing payment, we seek authors talented but aware that we need to promote and work hard to convey their work . If the author is rookie, we need to work even more in tandem with the publisher to reach the book to potential readers (primarily those in your area) and then try to broaden out their audience. Without this we will not proceed with the publication because, unlike most publishers, do not force the author to shell out figures that cover or exceed the cost of printing. 

How to submit manuscripts

in electronic format (not paginated, in word normal):


The texts in paper form should be sent to the following address: 

Editions Creative

Via Verdi 118 - 55049 Viareggio (Lu)
E 'to attach a brief  curriculum vitae, a presentation of the author, a synopsis and an email address .

The works on paper are not returned.

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